Romeo Six LLC


We specialize in communications products that are proven force multipliers on the battlefield. Our products are developed by a team that has real world field experience and expertise guaranteeing a commitment to providing only the most durable, well-engineered solutions.


From radios and satellites to server configuration and mesh networking systems. R6 has certified network professionals that have tactical experience able to develop communication plans, deploy & operate tactical communications systems, mobile ad hoc networking, TAK/ATAK setup and training, and much more.


Changing the playing field, one system at a time. Developing all classes and categories of unmanned platforms to shape the battlefield for the future. As tactics and technologies evolve and continue to be refined for the user, we are changing the way unmanned platforms are employed to support the mission set.

The Company

Romeo Six emerged in 2017 by former Special Operations and Special Forces members with the mission of improving the product development process for the military. Since then, Romeo Six has grown and created Romeo Six Labs, an engineering division focused on rapid prototyping and R&D. This division serves the company as well as external customers.

The Growth

As the company grew, so did the demand for additional services. A new division called Romeo Six Manufacturing was established to serve the same customer base, delivering the same quality expected of Romeo Six. This vertical integration allows for a complete turnkey solution of product idea to production along with other services including harness, PCB, and metal fabrication services under one roof.
The vision has never changed: reinvest in talented people and equipment to better serve whomever the customer may be,
all the while delivering the best product or service around.